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“Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman, a scholar who is now working on a book about Black homeschooling, said many Black parents fear that some traditional public schools will exact a mental and psychological toll on their children. 

'When we talk about being in spaces where our histories are continuously distorted or ignored, where a child cannot see themselves or their ancestors in the retellings of stories on how things have been created or develop, that is an assault on your mental state," Ali-Coleman said. 'Home schooling is a safe space'."

-Moriah Balingit and Kate Rabinowitz, The Washington Post-July 27, 2021, Homeschooling exploded among Black, Asian and Latino students. But, it wasn't just the pandemic.

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“Covid-19 was the publicist for homeschooling,” says Khadijah Ali-Coleman, a longtime homeschooling parent and a researcher who studies African American homeschool students. In April 2020, Ali-Coleman and researcher Cheryl Fields-Smith co-founded the Black Family Homeschool Educators and Scholars network to connect researchers and the handful of Black homeschool families they had met through their research. But what began as a small Facebook group climbed to over 1,000 members, including many families new to homeschooling."

-Pia Ceres, Wired Magazine-June 3, 2021, They Rage-Quit the School System—and They're Not Going Back 

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“Even before the pandemic, concerns about racially hostile environments contributed to large numbers of Black parents turning to homeschooling, said Khadijah Ali-Coleman, co-director of Black Family Homeschool Educators and Scholars. There has since been a surge in homeschooling among Black families. 

"'Racism in schools plays a huge, huge role in a family’s choice to do homeschooling,' Ali-Coleman said. 'That racism can manifest in a lot of different ways, from a teacher who criminalizes every behavior to not recognizing how curriculums exclude the experiences of Black people to not presenting Black children with the same opportunities such as accelerated classes as white children.'”

-Christine Fernando, The Associated Press-May 4, 2021, Some Black Parents Say Homeschooling Gives Racism a Reprieve

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Cheryl Fields-Smith, associate professor in the Mary Frances Early College of Education’s Department of Educational Theory and Practice, and Dr. Khadijah Ali-Coleman, a mother and  multi-disciplinary artist, co-founded Black Family Homeschool Educators and Scholars to share best practices that serve Black homeschooling families. 

-The Final Call - August 25, 2020, Looking beyond politics for Black survival 

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Dr. Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman, co-founder of Black Family Homeschool Educators and Scholars and co-editor of the book Homeschooling Black Children in the United States, agrees that the choices parents and schools are left with are not ideal but that all parents deserve equal access to be able to make the best choice.

-Kelly Glass, August 7, 2020 Pandemic Schooling options are not created equal for all families

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